Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Armenia, Colombia

Armenia was devastated by earthquake in 1999 that caused lot of architecture damages in the city center. Armenia has never recovered much since 1999 because of economic and social impacts on people. And, the soil in the ground was rated very poorly for to rebuilt new homes unless if there is a reinforced masonry or concrete for wall construction to built and prevent another casualties like one in 1999. The city was founded in 1889 and it became the capital of newly created Qundio department in 1966. The three smaller neighbors are Armenia, Pereira and Manizales are refers as a Zona Cafetera triangle that produces a coffee.

Catedral de la Inmaculada Concepcion is made of prefab concrete slabs shown from the exteriors structure to interiors structure. The photo shown that the letter A shape appears inside the space to make the church looks smaller and provide a limit circulation for people who attend the church. It is the new city's concrete cathedral. 

Armenia is an ideal for visitors who wants to spent a day trip because everything is small and easily accessible for bus changes to Salento which takes about 45 minutes ride.

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